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How I QUIT My Job! A Chat with Courtney Sanders of ThinkandGrowChick.com
August 27, 2016 04:48 AM PDT
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Find out how Courtney went about putting together a plan to quit her job and start working for herself. We spend some time talking about her 21-Day "No Excuses Woman" self-discipline program and she's giving you 50% OFF until her LAST DAY at her job which is September 2nd! Use the code: MYLEIK


I'm JUDGING You: A Conversation with Luvvie
August 19, 2016 07:31 AM PDT
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Prepare to laugh through this ENTIRE podcast! I met Luvvie years ago and just had to have her on to talk about life, her new book and to answer your questions. You can PRE-ORDER her new book "I'm Judging You" here: http://luvvie.org/im-judging-you-book/ ... it's IN STORES September 13th!

MY MAIL: Talking Lawsuits & Societal Standards of Success!
August 05, 2016 04:37 AM PDT
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This is one of those old school podcasts that I used to do when I'd wake up early and just answer some of your questions. It's an easy listen.

100th EPISODE! A Long Talk with MY Voice of Reason
July 30, 2016 07:55 PM PDT
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Thank you for listening to me and giving me a chance. For my 100th episode I invited my very best friend (Ken Burkeen) to chat with me on this cast. This is the person that I go to when EVERYTHING is falling or has FALLEN apart. We can fuss and fall out and go back to being friends in no time. 16 years of friendship. ENJOY!

BUSINESS Breakups!
July 23, 2016 01:58 PM PDT
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This 5-PODCAST series is brought to you Freshbooks! Use my FREE 30-day trial at freshbooks.com/MYTAUGHTYOU.

Breakups are HARD even when we want them to happen! This podcast will give you tips on breaking up with a professional partner, client, contractor or employee.

Let me know what you think! myleik.com

"THE RULES" of Entrepreneurship
June 30, 2016 03:10 PM PDT
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This 5-PODCAST series is brought to you Freshbooks! Use my FREE 30-day trial at freshbooks.com/MYTAUGHTYOU.

I have 21 RULES of entrepreneurship that I'm sharing with you. I'm sharing some of my personal rules with how I handle DRUMMING UP NEW BUSINESS, managing your EGO, using time wisely, dealing with dinner meetings when you're a picky eater and so on!

I'm @myleik everywhere on social media. You can sign up for my newsletter at mytaughtyou.com! Thank you always for listening.

Episode 97: Your Questions Answered!
June 25, 2016 07:01 AM PDT
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I'm NEW on the job and everyone is whispering about me. Should I move long distance to keep a relationship after 3 years? When do you KNOW to take a risk? And more.


#BOSSBRANDING: Branding Is NOT Marketing It's About EMOTIONS
June 09, 2016 02:52 PM PDT
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This 5-Podcast BUSINESS Series is brought to you by Freshbooks.com. Try it free now at Fresbooks.com/MyTaughtYou

I'm talking about how to brand like a boss and think DEEPER than just your logo.

What ELSE Would I Like To Accomplish, Should I Give Dating A Backseat, Breaking Into A New Industry + More!
May 30, 2016 07:15 PM PDT
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New Q&A Memorial Day podcast. Had fun answering your questions.

Q&A: Transform Your Inner Circle, If I had 1K to Invest, I Feel Discouraged, Networking w/Opposite Sex
May 20, 2016 03:53 PM PDT
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I'm back to answer your questions this week. Enjoy!

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